Sports massage

Our sports massage therapist uses a range of techniques to alleviate any muscular aches and pains sustained from physical activity. Overexertion of muscles may result in minor injuries; sports massage combats this and initates the healing process. Female therapist available on request


Cupping therapy

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy in which a cup is applied either by heat or suction to superficial muscle inside the cup. Cupping is known to activate the lymphatic system and promote blood circulation, which in turn can aid deep tissue repair, help relieve pain and withdraw toxins that linger in your body’s tissues.


post/pre event

These short massages are targeted at preparing the body for physical activity immediately prior to an event or relaxing and loosening muscles following an event.


Strapping & Taping

Our therapist has a qualification in kinesio taping; a technique which uses tape to provide support and stability to muscles and joints to aid the healing process of an injury.

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